Thanks to the art of Tricia Benavente, today I caught a glimpse of a different Jesus. Jesus was a hero. Maybe even the one that played the character of V for Vendetta.

Then, as she continued to paint, I saw Jesus being transformed into an African man with a large nose ring.

I thought the African Jesus was a cool thing, until Pastor Cameron got up and bragged on this same painting… calling it an Asian man (or angel).

I don’t know what Tricia intended for us to see, but I saw Jesus. And He emanated a love that smiled in red, and yellow, and black, and white.

Jesus is not a Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, or Baal. Nonetheless, isn’t it cool that The Lord is Jesus, and Jesus is Love… to every man. That’s the brilliant, creative art of Jesus.

Jesus is not a Nationalist. He’s not trying to keep people out. When Jesus accomplished His mission, and cried out “it is

finished” — Father God reached down and tore open the

separation between God and

man— besides, Jesus had already identified Himself to us as… the door. And, in case you didn’t know: the door is OPEN.

One thought on “The Art of Jesus

  1. deeply moving the depths of love of our Lord that we can and will eternally be delving into the layers of…


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