The beauty and benefit of the Pastor’s office is shepherding and Discipleship. Thus, believers can grow and be cared for under the honored umbrella of Pastoral Leadership.

Pastors preach a lot of sermons on a regular basis. This requires an incredible amount of prayer, reading, and studying.

Usually, it is a Pastor that marries or buries a believer. If someone wants to be married in a church, they will often reach out to their own Pastor. If the couple doesn’t attend church, they will probably reach out to a Pastor with some connection to their family. The process is usually similar when searching for someone to conduct a funeral.

Pastors also perform other important functions such as communion, water baptism and baby dedications.

Furthermore, Pastors are also known to visit folks in hospitals, or at their homes. Pastors give their lives to humbly, yet gladly, serving a local congregation of believers.

Pastors do their best to care for, pray for, and serve their community.

And, unfortunately, Pastors are under-appreciated today. Nevertheless, when they are functioning well… they continue nurturing and developing believers. Plus, they keep on encouraging others pieces of the body. They appoint, equip, and utilize teachers. They employ and value Evangelists. They cheer for and learn from Prophets. They submit to and assist Apostles. The benefit of Pastors is: among everything else that they contribute, they can be incredible team players.

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