Sometimes we need doom and gloom prophets because the tv preachers can seem plastic, lopsided, and backslidden. Sometimes we need to be called to weep and wail, because things are not as good as what the pied piper tells us it is. An excessive diet of candy, sugar, and honeycomb will make a person sick. A white paintbrush can make things pretty… unless everything is whitewashed and we lose color; we lose our sense of reality.

Sometimes we need Jesus to tell us to pray as He Himself feels agony impending. Sometimes we need Him to wake us up. Sometimes we need Him to warn us, as He already knows what trouble lurks.

Sometimes we don’t see through Heaven’s lens. Sometimes we don’t know there’s an urgency in the air. Sometimes we don’t need to be coddled, patted on the back, or lied to. What we really need sometimes is to be shaken, alarmed and alerted.

Sometimes we need a voice to pierce through time and space to reach us. Sometimes we need a raised voice, an unafraid voice, a truthful voice that can’t be swayed. Sometimes we’ve forgotten that the real prophets don’t give a gas about whether or not they’re popular.

We need doom and gloom prophets when preachers are busier building their image and brand than they are His kingdom. We need the voices of lightning and thunder when our preachers are spending too much time and worry over their nearly useless fundraisers. I’m getting worked up, but I’m not feeling like I’m supposed to tone this down.

Sure, I’m still dealing with issues from my brain injuries and thus, I often have to let my helpmate proofread my stuff. I ask and allow her to reel me in. But lately I’ve dealt with a different kind of devil. A devil that has made me feel pitiful. And right now, in this exact moment, a holy oil is on me. Revelation is coming to me. And an attack of yuck is flittering off of me.

For so many years, a fiery anointing would come on me when I was preaching, prophesying, or praying. But now—thank God— that anointing also comes on me when I’m writing.

Anyway, we are at a moment in time like the aforementioned “sometimes.” Instead of resisting the rebuke with arguments and excuses, there are many Christian leaders who need to own the shame.

There’s misplaced rejoicing going on that we have mis-labeled the wedding song and wedding dance.

So many pulpits are currently being occupied with fellers who are stricken with a sick need to look cool. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Jesus movement going on, but I know where the modern day hippies are.

Today’s hippy sermons could’ve been written at Woodstock. Too many of today’s Preachers and well-known Christian singers are alcoholics. But, good news, our theology has advanced so far that now sin is ok, and Hell probably isn’t real.

Marijuana use amongst ministers will be the next sad news story. The debate on whether it’s ok for believers to smoke doobies is already marching our way.

But, I’m not worried because I’ve already heard the Lord say He is restoring the prophetic lament. This deep level of burden and spiritual ache will lead us to a new sound coming out of Zion. The outpouring will follow our almost overwhelming season of weeping intercession.

For now, don’t be too quick to dismiss or resist the gloom, or the angry sounding preacher. I believe this is one of those “sometimes” that we need to hear this strange, wild voice.

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