I believe God has been giving me a prophetic word concerning our time.


As we moved into the second half of this year God began making me aware that there has been a shortage of significant, accurate revelations. Accordingly, I was reminded of Amos’ prophecy about a famine for the word.

This chapter of Amos begins with a vision and vision test (“what do you see?”)

Interestingly, we are in the year 2020, which has made for an oft-mentioned reference to 20/20 vision.

This chapter of Amos is a judgment against God’s people. Therefore, let me be clear…I fully see our times as an overlay of Amos 8. I believe God’s people are under judgment. America, the Christian nation, is under judgment. The church has embraced nationalism and wrongly married itself to politics. Thus, the judgment against America is also a judgment against the American church.

The first judgment in this chapter is on their songs. Mourning, death, and silence is prophesied.

Of note, America has been the hardest hit country this year by a so-called plague. More than 250,000 are dead. No live music, no music festivals, even the church has sometimes been asked not to sing.

The second part of judgment is specified to come on the palace. This is likely the Bethel temple of idolatry.

I think it’s no coincidence that the first half of this year God moved upon me to cry out against America (and the church) for its pride and political idolatry.

Then, I was shook as the President and his family were struck with the sickness. Next, the sickness infested his staff and many who are connected with the White House (palace).

Continuing on in this Amos chapter, a judgment is even released on their mourning…speaking of corpses and casting them forth in silence.

Likewise, this year and this plague have caused extra grief (grief on top of grief) because the sick haven’t been allowed to have visitors during their suffering, and funerals (grieving) have had to limit who /how many could attend, as well as limitations to physical touch in regards to consoling, comforting.

Another judgment is spoken because of the wealthy, unsympathetic abusers of the poor. Alas, the land will tremble and render grief.

And, as Tom Stolz pointed out to me, a corrupt materialistic lifestyle is seen in the people being judged in Amos 8.

I’m afraid this characteristic is also very-much true of America and the church. So…

is our land being judged?

Consider these concerning 2020:

1. Most named storms ever.

2. Most Tropical storms ever.

3. Most Hurricanes ever

4. Record Wildfires

5. Record flooding in MI

6. Record heat in Phoenix

7. Record # of natural disasters

Another judgment in this chapter speaks of days with shortened sun, and extended darkness. In Bible times, the sun represented working hours. It was a judgment on their work, economy, and business.

Meanwhile, this year America’s economy, businesses, and jobs have terribly suffered. Countless businesses have had to close down, no longer able to operate/work.

Lastly this Amos chapter speaks a judgment against idolatry, idolatry and worship of a golden calf was notorious in the mentioned regions of Samaria, Dan, Beersheba.


Anyway, I felt after this year’s election that my burden from crying out against idolatry was finally over and we could begin to move forward. Mind you, for four years, God has had me playing a song. I felt led one day to play this Johnny Cash song on my phone. And, as strange as it may sound, God has spoken to me over and over again to…play it again. Out of obedience, and as a prophetic act, I’ve been playing this foreboding American folk song. Recently I thought my task of playing the song was complete.

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

I was wrong about that. I have awakened (wide awake; alert) at 8am for seven days in a row. That’s an early (odd) time for me since I live on a night-shift schedule. Then, understanding hit me. Through the prophetic language of God repeating Himself, I realized He was trying to get my attention. He was simply, yet emphatically, urging me to read Amos 8 again.

And Yes, the song has started playing in my head…again.

Throughout this year, a sweeping force of judgment against pride and idolatry has blown back and forth through the land. Statues/idols, have been toppled, removed, destroyed. Likewise, influential real-life leaders in the church community and conservative right have fallen. Many associates connected to the President have been arrested:

1. Steve Bannon

2. Roger Stone

3. Michael Flynn

4. Paul Manafort

5. Rick Gates

6. Michael Cohen

7. George Papadopoulos

8. George Nader

God’s Gonna Cut You Down 🎼.

Concerning the idolatry and golden-calf-people: the last phrase of the Amos chapter says, “they will fall and not rise again.”

I’m praying in holy reverence concerning this. I deeply feel—and yes…prophesy— that God’s judgment on America is not finished. God’s judgment on the church is not complete.

Make America Great Again Read Amos 8 Again

Timely wisdom can be gleaned from recent teachings by Joe Rigney and Jonathan Boegl who have been trying to help the church to trust, embrace, and even joy in God’s judgments.

But, for those who harden their hearts, those who don’t find repentance, those who evade humility, those who double-down in their devotion to political idolatry…God is going to cut them down. Shame is coming. Great shame. I see a Cinderella comparison where many, especially the spirit-filled and charismatics, are going to run out of time being in lofty places with lofty people. As shame and conviction brings the Cinderella wanderers back to humility, the love-hungry Prince will come and save.

God doesn’t stay angry forever.

2 Chronicles 7:14 contains principles found throughout Scripture showing us what God is looking for.



Seeking His Face

Then…healing can begin

Revival comes to the humble, hungry, desperate, broken, contrite, repentant ones.

God’s judgment is helping us to get to that place where we re-discover our first love.

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