My book is available now. Here’s some links where you can grab the paperback copy. Ebook and audiobook will be available soon.





There are several other sellers who are also marketing the book.

Dr. Alexis McClinton wrote the foreword.

This is my first book and I’m so excited to share it with you.

I have previously written monthly articles for The Remnant, a revival newspaper. I was also an investigative journalist, writing front page stories for The Daily News in Middlesboro, KY. I have written blog entries for ONE.Org. I’ve had letters to the editor featured in Corbin, KY. I have had several poems published in poetry collections and collegiate journals.

The Other Prophets, according to Target…

includes topics such as numbers, styles, names, burdens, places, dreams, coincidences and colors. All this from the perspective of a long time pastor and gifted evangelist.

My own synopsis of The other Prophets… sees it as a book that began as an overview of prophetic ministry but turned into a burdened intercessory encounter with God.

This book still examines key pieces of the prophetic tool box. But God broke me—in a good way— and gave me tears to fuel me into a broader look at prophetic ministry. What comes forth is a lament for purified hearts, fire baptized, sanctified servants who are something less than famous but more than lukewarm.

On the back is a nifty picture of myself in case someone needs a visual idea of what the author looks like.

The back cover also gives a brief bio to help people understand me. It says I’ve grown into a nearly monastic lifestyle, with growing appreciation for the anchorite, hidden devotion seen in the early ministry of Moses, John Baptist, Jesus, Paul, and the Mystics. Early on, and for more than 20 years, I was quite active in youth ministry and itinerant revivals that often extended for weeks and months at a time. Plus, it mentions I have a lovely bride and three lovable dogs. Ultimately, I’m on a daily mission to build upon my lovesick relationship with Jesus.

If you would like a free pdf copy of the book, email me your email address. I’m

Otherwise, check out the book and let me know what you think.

Thanks 😀


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