When I think about the devil, I realize he is the embodiment and activity of evil.

What is the devil? The devil is…

The devil is a pedophile.

The devil lures away the innocent.

The devil drives an ice cream truck.

The devil is a stranger with candy.

The devil is a kidnapper.

The devil is a drug dealer, trying to get our kids addicted and messed up.

The devil is always more trick than he is treat.

So, Pray. See the devil for the rotten, awful criminal that he is. And, hate the devil and his works of defilement.

The devil performs abortions.

The devil is a child abuser.

The devil fights for rights to do the unholy and ungodly.

The devil tells almost truths.

The devil has a radio talk show.

The devil spins conspiracy theories that keeps our minds mulling with wandering and mouths moving with gossip.

The devil doesn’t give good directions. He’ll get you lost every time.

The devil likes to fuss.

The devil is apt to start stuff.

The devil is divorced from love.

The devil is a divorce attorney.

The devil is the Accuser General.

The devil doesn’t fight fair.

The devil hits children and women.

The devil hates Florida because the devil disrespects the elderly and he hates the sunshine.

The devil shoots on both sides of the court.

The devil is cancer, a tooth ache, and an ear ache.

The devil is the pain in your back, and the pain in your neck.

The devil is compromise. The devil is a message of compromise.

The devil is uncompromising.

Sometimes, the devil is not what you think he is.

Sometimes, the devil is not who you think he is.

The devil is a hypocrite.

The devil preaches.

The devil smiles…on occasion.

The devil wears costumes.

The devil likes Halloween even more than you do.

Don’t play nice with the devil. He doesn’t honor deals, truces, or treaties. So, get him out of your mirror. And, make him your enemy.

1 John 3:8 The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.

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