I awoke today and Holy Spirit showed me Washington, D.C. I saw The Capitol Building. I then began to see The Capitol Building through a scope. So, through the first half of the day I prayed into this. I was concerned the vision was a warning; a picture of impending doom of some sort. However, after some prayer, I felt like Holy Spirit told me that the scope I was allowed to look through was His scope. It was not a terrorists scope. Instead the Holy Spirit has targeted The Capitol. He’s targeted the Capitol in the Capital because Heaven has a capital dream. DC is THE mountain of influence in America. And, God is about to bring Awakening to America. This vision goes in line with something Holy Spirit spoke to me in November. I heard Holy Spirit say: I’m going to visit the major cities and bring them revival because these major cities are mountains of influence. So, as Glory is poured upon these citadels, it will be more widely reported on and known. Accordingly, folks from far and wide will run to the glow of God upon these cities. 

I knew that New York, NY is to be one of those cities. A couple days ago, a transformer blew up in NY and caught fire. This caused the night sky over NY to radiate with a blue hue… the color of the Holy Spirit. 

Also, this month I heard a miracle testimony of a young man named Miles who was in a car accident so terrible that there’s no way he should have survived. Nonetheless, the next day he was released from the Hospital with treatable injuries. While listening to the testimony, I heard Holy Spirit say:”listen to his name.” His name is Miles. Then Holy Spirit spoke to me of a city that has a famous stretch of streets and shops within it that is called the Magnificent Mile. Holy Spirit told me that the Windy City, the city of a Magnificent Mile would recover from the wreck it has been in, and revival would come. 

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