Philip Seymour Hoffman was one of the more admired actors of my generation. Unfortunately, he left this life far too soon; a victim of drug abuse. As a young adult he struggled with addiction before getting help and seeming to beat his demons. Unfortunately, in 2013 he had a relapse. And, in 2014 he died from causes of combined drugs. 

He was a beautiful, creative, artistic person. But, sin bites hard, demons are real, Hell rises on its victims and pulls down on them without relent. 

What if Freddie Mercury hadn’t lived so reckless, partying, over-indulging in alcohol and drugs, and having numerous same-sex partners during the scary emergence of AIDS? Were his friends, band mates, and family members mean and judgmental for trying to talk to him about his careless lifestyle? Were they wrong for trying to get him to stop harmful habits and behaviors? 

Sadly, he was blinded by the god of this world. He was enslaved to sins that would ultimately kill him. 

If you know someone who is blinded and enslaved… love them, tell them the truth, be long-suffering, fast, pray, and don’t quit until you break through for them because the devil is already unleashing hell on them and he’s coming hard for their soul.

My heart often feels a burden for the arts and entertainment mountain of cultural influence. The need for a loving, freedom-giving Jesus is so pertinent there. If only we could see sparks of Revival breakout in our poets, painters, troubadours, jesters, and creative story tellers.

I don’t know exactly why I’m burdened over Freddie Mercury of Queen, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. They’re already dead for crying out loud. My tears are too late. Aren’t they? Or, maybe God just needs someone to learn to give a care for the names and faces so large that they seemingly need nothing. When will the world see that we need Jesus?

The creatives are frequently battled by feelings of loneliness, depression, and rejection or fear of rejection. They often deal with anxiety. Sadly, many cope secretly with these struggles. They sometimes self-medicate their torments with vanity, attention-getting, drugs, alcohol, perversion, and bad relationships or unwise handlers. 

Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan, are a few examples of these battles.

Miley Cyrus has weathered some storms over the last several years and maybe she’s ok for now. Still, she needs love, and prayer support. 

Justin Bieber has similarly had his struggles. Thankfully he’s had some positive influences and he’s reached to God for help. Keep praying for him. The enemy hates him. But, people like him and Brian “Head” Welch of Korn could be used of God as Holy Ghost catalysts for revival in their mountain. 

Nonetheless, the salvation of one or two stars is not enough…it’s not nearly enough. Society won’t give credence to a number so few. After all, the media is used to guys like that doing outrageous, crazy things. Personally, I think it’s going to take many hundreds of real-deal conversions to Christ within that mountain during a short time period (one-two yrs) before somebody reports that a significant revival is happening. That’s what I’m believing for… a true renaissance. 

Christians have hated this world long enough. It’s time we use a sanctified compass to win them out of Hell, instead of angrily damning them to that end. Let’s drop our judging stones and pick up burdened, breaking hearts until our eyes becomes rivers, weeping for the lost ones. 

Let’s build our own kind of wall. One that keeps the Robin Williams’, and the Chester Benningtons’(Linkin Park), out of Hell. DeGarmo & Key called this mentality a holy picket line.  Reinhard Bonnke said the mission was to plunder Hell and populate Heaven. I believe if we care, and if we fast and pray, we can see it happen; we can see the next Great Renaissance. 

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