New York State and those doggone lawmakers cant abort God’s plan. Revival is coming, anyway.

On December 27, in New York City, a transformer blew up. There was a boom, followed by a lingering hum. The New York Times quoted a police officer who said the sound and explosion could be felt in your chest. From the combustion, New York’s night sky was painted with an electric blue hue. The color of Holy Spirit was a sign in the Heavens.

Fast forward one month, same city. New York passed a bill allowing abortions all the way up to birth. To celebrate, the top of One World Trade Center was lit up in pink.

Or, is something

Wait. Could it be that the biggest gender reveal party ever is playing out right before our eyes? As signs in the heaven, separated by a rare blood moon occurrence that helps get everyone looking up… the great mystery moment asks us if this is about the birth of a boy or the birth of a girl? Blue for boy. Pink for girl. But the answer is given by Joel 2, Isaiah 44, and Acts 2, which all state a prophecy foretelling an outpouring of the Spirit that will come on our sons AND daughters.

It’s not a boy OR a girl. It’s both! God is going to give life to our sons AND daughters. 

So, don’t be too quick to give up. Remember, at times in the Bible when babies were being killed…God was up to great deliverance (Moses, Jesus).

Man has voted in favor of abortion, which is death. God has voted in favor of revival… coming back to life. Anything we can kill, the Holy Ghost can revive.

God’s moments are the ones that overshadow man’s worst moments. Get ready because God is already ready.

God is saying “It’s time. I’m releasing the sound of Awakening. No man will be able to stop what I’m going to do.”

If we begin agreeing with the accuser, the one who is eager to curse, we will be accomplices to spiritual abortion attempts. As believers, our government is higher than state, or federal hearings. Our hopes aren’t in Senate, Congress, Democrat, OR Republican positions.

So, let’s agree with the heart and hope of Heaven. Jesus saves! His grace is even bigger than this horrific sin.

Therefore… Speak life. Speak blessing. Repent. Stand in the Gap. Be the intercessor. Be the sound of breaking; the sound of awakening.

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