There are many in this generation that have been attacked by the enemy. There are those who have been fooled and deceived concerning their God-given identities. Some have been led to believe they are gay. Some have been tricked into thinking they were assigned the wrong gender. Some have been so victimized by addiction that their original, innocent identity seems forever lost. Others have been abused, abducted, or trafficked and their identities have been stolen. In each of these cases, the Lord says their God-given identities have fallen asleep. It’s like they are now dead, dry bones…with no more true life or identity.

Nevertheless, God is ready to raise these bones. The wind of prophecy, life, and hope is coming like unclaimed promises from the many generations before today’s. Although they may be something akin to walking zombies with only a hint of who they were born to be, these fossils are fixing to encounter a quickening. God is going to rediscover them and overwhelm these lost ones with the power of His love until it overrides all the lies of their deceiver. Identities will be redeemed and these that have been thought of as lost causes by some will arise with callings and holy purposes.

They will march. They will swim. They will move forward with fire and determination.

I see dead people… coming back to life. They are the bones that God is going to revive and raise up from the dry, no hope valleys.

So, let the winds begin to blow. Heaven is ready to howl out new breath.

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