One challenge facing spiritual fathers is the fact they’ve been there and done that. They’re not easily impressed, which is an okay thing. But, it’s a little harder for them to receive a word from someone else because they have already personally accumulated copious amounts of knowledge and experience. They’ve been places, seen things, done stuff, read a lot, and heard so many intelligent talks and interesting stories. Fathers and mothers are mature, which is great. Nevertheless, they must allow Holy Spirit to keep their hearts humble, excited, childlike.

A couple of the challenges facing younger ministers (and believers) are: 1. anxious ambition and 2. ignorance.

Few people read or write on being an excellent son or daughter. Being an excellent son or daughter isn’t studied or focused on enough. Older folks are typically more into the idea of fathering and leading. Besides, they wouldn’t want to come across as egotistical or self-serving by talking about the need for betterment amongst the underlings.

And, younger folks are more focused on becoming, achieving, accomplishing, progressing, graduating. Basically, they’re working on surviving and arriving.

Hence, the young (new) minister or believer is enthralled with the idea of having a title. Plus, they tend to self-promote because… well, they’re working hard. Their selfies and social media accounts tout their worthiness.

Many of these young bloods want to be an Apostle, or Prophet; the trendy esteemed titles. Simply, they want to be seen and esteemed, heard and validated. It’s not always an easy, fun season of life. So, please don’t think this is meant to demean or judge those that are pushing through this time of their life, as they labor to figure everything out.

They sometimes lack in patience. They have mouths and floppy things on the sides of their head, but leaders (like Jesus) will want to find someone among them that has… ears to hear.

Unfortunately, they are rarely fascinated or satisfied with simple. Thus, they tend to complicate matters by thinking they should add some bright and shiny stuff, technical stuff, and entertainment type of stuff.

Meanwhile, there is a promise that God is going to turn the hearts of the fathers and sons toward each other. The Spirit is now working to help us figure all this out and step into an incredible blessing. What a glorious time.

One thought on “The hearts of Fathers and Sons.

  1. This is a right now word Shane. Kris Vallotton did a message about fatherlessness and was sharing that he fills like another men’s moment like “Promise Keepers” could happen. Malachi 4:5-6 is such a powerful promise. Let’s do everything we can to see it come to past…

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