The error and danger of the Apostolic office is that of becoming a pope. The person doesn’t actually, officially become pope. But, the elevated position, with other ministers and ministries under the umbrella of the Apostle’s oversight, lend to the lure of a pope-like persona. No person needs to be an elite, elevated, kiss-my-ring, head-of-everything. So, an Apostle can be susceptible to pride, arrogance, and control.

The error and danger of the Prophet’s office is that of becoming a lone wolf. These individuals are often naturally inclined to be a separated person because they have always been different. They sometimes struggle to fit in. They are used to not being understood. They tend to feel out-of-place.

Accordingly, a Prophet is susceptible to loneliness, and depression.

The error and danger of the Evangelist’s office, as listed in Eph. 4:11, is entanglements from the world. The Evangelist is called to go to the world, therefore s/he is often in or around the sin fields and contaminated zones. Hence, the Evangelist is sometimes face-to-face with temptations, weariness, and even the risks of public failure. These guys and gals are on the frontlines of spiritual warfare. The enemy fights over souls. Soul-winners get attacked.

The error and danger of the Pastor office, as listed in Eph. 4:11, is jealousy and competition. Pastors feel a challenge to build, increase, expand a flock. Thus, the Pastor is susceptible to stress, offense, trust issues, and heartache. Pastors often succumb to being jealous of the anointing that comes on other ministers in the house. And, Pastors are frequently challenged with feelings of competition toward other Pastors or churches. It’s an awful feeling when a sheep wanders away to another field looking for greener grass. Being a good Pastor requires this sweet leader to have toughness, wisdom, and maturity.

The error and danger of the Teacher office, as is highlighted in Eph 4:11, is there is a tendency for folks who operate from this gift to develop a know-it-all attitude. There is a tree that offers luring fruit, promising an increase in exalted knowledge. Accordingly, the teacher is susceptible of becoming an argumentative individual. Also a teacher must be careful to not be more focused on knowing and learning than they are in experiencing.

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