John 2:19 NASB

Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”


Jesus walked this earth and He changed the religious landscape, bringing a real paradigm shift to how people worship.

I long for this kind of change to shake up what we call church. I yearn for a paradigm shift to come restore and renew us back to something pure, real, simple, powerful, loving, and alive.

The old wine-skins are unchanging, un-stretchable. Maybe it’s time they burst (or burn).

I want to be sad about endangered relics and a beautiful, old building on fire. But, I’m not. I know that’s insensitive, but it’s honest.

Let the billionaires stitch that veil, and vestige back up if they want to. For me, on the other hand, I’m just wishing I could catch on fire too. No, I’m not meaning to use cheap cliches or flippant metaphors. I didn’t invent this language. Yes, maybe (probably) the verbiage has been cheapened. Nevertheless, if I prune and clip the dead trimmings all the way down to the quick, I think I’ll feel the real again.

We’ve got to have new wine. This generation is more desperate than it realizes for a taste of God.

Mike Bickle recently said, “we’ve got to have a RESET.” And, Francis Chan has been saying, “something has got to change. We can’t keep going as-is.”

I sense we are at one of those junctures where a new model, new idea is about to be realized.

In the life and times of Moses, worship drastically changed; God drew near and His people witnessed and experienced the holy…the supernatural.

In the life and times of David, worship drastically changed. The presence of God became the central, primary focus. The flame of glory was visible.

On the day of Pentecost, prayer and worship drastically changed. The wind, the sound, and the fire of Heaven suddenly manifested. God came so near that they could feel, hear, and see Him at work.

Consider: God worked through Moses to bring what was perhaps the mightiest, most organized civilization on the planet down to its crumbling knees.

Also: David was a replacementto what was supposed to be a highly-respected, normalized, ruling regime.

And: Much of the teaching that came from the New Testament Church was a dismantling of old, expired ways.

I pray that we hear, feel, and see Jesus in this hour, and we don’t miss our day of visitation.

Let the dead bury its own dead. There are too many dead churches, dead systems and dead organizations. I’m following Jesus.

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