The narrative of justice is like a stream. One should note, however, this flowing, ongoing promise is a wild ride. It doesn’t come with a remote control, nor will our snapping fingers or brewing impatience influence it’s currents or trajectory. Also, this metaphorical trickle of hope is seemingly full of rocks, with slow-rolling turns, and unforeseen things. Nevertheless, don’t despair, for the eyes of the sovereign one are watching over its motion; nothing will stop its coming.

Throughout the Holy Bible, the great author keeps on telling of His translucent nature. Those with a sanctified spirit will hear it in the pages. The subconscious secret is always there. It’s as if you’re alone, standing at the water when the wind rushes in and chases away your loneliness and comforts you with: “it’s ok now. There are no wolves here. It’s just us.

That’s the moment the healing begins. It’s the moment you realize… the rocks weren’t in a river-bed, they were in your hand. And the lack of straightforward flow was really your own heart and soul that needed ironing. So, while you thought you were waiting on God’s gavel to come crushing down on your enemies’ heads, God was waiting for your mind to come to order; to be filled with grace.

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