This is an hour in which we need the prophets, especially mature prophetic voices. It is important that God can reveal His plans and secrets. Furthermore, It is important that prophetic words are rightly articulated, and the will of God is activated.

In my circle of revival

culture and charismatic excitement, I often encounter peculiar people with extraordinary tales and eccentric language.

I’m careful to be slow in my assessments; familiarity should not be my guiding light. Also, being critical is not a healthy norm. Still, eclectic and bizarre personalities are often drawn to the anointing.

The anointing is wild and those who already live on the fringes appreciate it and bare witness with its untamed liveliness and unfettered fire.

Accordingly, a growing passion resides in me to honor and cultivate spiritual maturity. Young, emerging gifts and callings are an exciting part of the Holy Spirit outpouring. Hence, there is a need for godly guides, teachers, and mentors. I have those in my life and I dare to love and help those who want the same from me.

These are fun times…and the best is yet to come.

In the meantime, let’s be wise, humble, and teachable. Otherwise, the plans of God might be hindered by our own mistakes.

And, to be more specific, allow me to mention some areas where I see people making frequent errors, or falling into imbalance:

Angels, Numbers, Dreams, and Visions. These Experiences are often tricky to interpret and communicate. If one is willing to invest in teaching and training, they can become extremely useful. Furthermore, If a person is willing to submit their spiritual experiences to a trusted leader, mentor, or prophetic council, they can be effective, helpful, and they will accelerate their own gifting.

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