Prophetic Word. 8/27/19

There will be a Pauline revival. Even now –Without worry–the embattled Apostle overlooks his words.

Heaven is about to redeem the message of Paul and infuse his words with fresh fire. Many have watered down, misconstrued, and terribly abused the teachings of Paul until the Script is hardly recognizable from its original intent. Nevertheless, the righteous soul of those searing passages is about to rise to the surface.

Many of the hottest messages in the next Awakening will use Pauline texts.

Expect new theological persons to emerge with fiery awareness and revolutionary understanding of Paul’s words.

Also, look for catchphrases born of Pauline Scriptures to fuel the sermons, prayers, and songs of the next season.

The trend of exaggerated grace, condoned lukewarmness, and sin-filled churches is about to change. A sure word is emerging. Holiness will be renewed.

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