“He will pour out His Spirit on ALL mankind.” God has repeatedly highlighted this promise to me with emphatic evidence.

Many of the mentors in my life and ministry have come from Baptist roots. Mae Tucker, Tony Cooper, Lonnie Daugherty, and the influence of Keith Reed.

My current [Spirit-Filled] Pastor is from the Christian Church.

I have seen Baptist, Methodist, Catholics, and mentally-challenged persons receive the baptism of the Spirit.

The Second Great Awakening began at Presbyterian meetings.

Also, I have an Episcopalian friend who has received this Holy Ghost blessing.

Believe it or not, I once witnessed Goths (dressed in black) crying and praying for the Holy Spirit to come and fill them. And, you know what, God didn’t withhold from them.

You see, It doesn’t matter what denomination, race, gender, or age a person is. If they are 💯 for Jesus, humble, and hungry then this promise is for them.

Lately, God has been teaching me a brand new wrinkle to this truth of outpouring. When He promised to pour out on ALL, He was also speaking of places. God is no respecter of persons OR places. I know, that seems like a hard saying for some that are reading this, but God wants ALL to have hope. He wants to pour out on the just AND the unjust. Meaning, the folk we wouldn’t qualify or consider…He’s going to include them too.

I went to NY the day after they passed terrible, new abortion laws. My Facebook timeline was full of hatred toward them and warnings of coming judgement. But, while I was there, I felt the love and whispers of God blowing in the wind.

I went to California the week after a series of widely reported Earthquakes were happening there. Again, my Facebook timeline was filled with hatred toward them and pronounced judgements supposedly coming from God. However, while I was there, God visited me with dreams, and He imparted to me promises of revival that were coming to that place.

The same people that were missing the heart of God concerning those places, probably due to the demonic deception of politics, are also occasionally posting prophecies of Donald Trump receiving the baptism of the Spirit. Well, I hope he gets saved and that actually happens. But, —don’t hate me—I’m not writing off a Revival breaking out in the Democratic Party.

I even prophesy that a national political figure in the Democratic Party encounters Jesus and receives the infilling of The Spirit.

An outpouring of the Spirit will come upon the minorities, actors and actresses, athletes, and academia.

Awakening is going to be broader than what many have been thinking of. The Holy Spirit blessing isn’t an exclusive club. Another Jesus Movement is coming. And…this time, when Jesus begins to move, He will come as the fire-baptizer. The same way that forerunner-John saw whole cities saved and he baptized them in water, Jesus is coming (before His coming) and whole sub-cultures will be saved, and He will baptize them with Holy Ghost fire.

So, watch the rain. It wants to preach. It wants to prophesy. It wants to come.

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