The office of the Apostle is the head, or primary gift within ministry (1 Cor 12:28). However, the gifts of ministry are named as five distinct offices (Eph 4:11). Those are intended to work in unison the same as fingers of a hand work with togetherness and mutual appreciation (Eph 5:21).

But, the enemy doesn’t operate within sanctified parameters. Instead, the enemy will cause persons to see through the lens of self. Accordingly, the attacked person might become motivated by ambition, jealousy, and competition.

The devil often uses a Jezebel spirit to attack great anointing. That happened to prophets, Elijah, John Baptist, and the fiery church at Thyatira.

Prophets were killed and resorted to hiding for survival in caves of fear and despair.

Elijah was targeted and threatened. He fled.

John was bold, but he was ultimately beheaded.

Thyatira succumbed to the false prophetic, and immorality. Instead of confronting the spirit, Thyatira’s leaders must have been fooled, manipulated, or intimidated.

Today, especially in Kentucky, the office of the Apostle has been experiencing a restoration. Unfortunately, as this gift is taking its place, the enemy has spotted such men and women, viewing them as the new targets.

During the last five years, this spirit has caused church splits and church closures within Kentucky.

Over the last year, the spirit of Jezebel has been unleashed specifically against the Apostolic move in Kentucky.

Through flattery and individual exaltation, this spirit has been sowing its poison. Therefore, Apostolic people must guard themselves from pride.

Apostolic movements must fly low, honoring the anointings and callings of the other gifts and offices. Humility will be an armor against the temptations of this attack. Rather than touting new revelations, achievements and titles…Apostolic people should joy in submitting and loving the bride—that beautiful weaker vessel.

An Apostolic anointing and ministry becomes contaminated and sick when it wants to be the head, the titled one, the elevated new breed.

Continue to pray for our leaders. And pray for a purification and pruning within the Apostolic move throughout Kentucky.

God has great plans and the best is yet to come.

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