I saw a large, ocean wave formed over top of the Florida Keys.

Florida is about to lose influence. Florida will not escape the shaking. Florida has not humbled itself.

An ancient predator—Alligator—attacked and ate a child at America’s playground (Disney 2016). Angriness took away the happiness and the Pulse (Orlando 2016). A punisher came to school—on Valentine’s Day—and taught a different lesson (Parkland 2018).


Now, Florida, will you lose your Keys?


I hear God saying:

“I am dealing with you. Let me wash you. Return to me. I love you. I am your hope.”

And, I believe God is saying “The first of these wasn’t about Disney. It wasn’t about a reptile. No! It should have been about tears. Your tears can touch me. I can hear tears. I can make all things work together for good. I can turn tragedies into triumph. But you didn’t hear the whisper of my Spirit. Talk radio, and news media bantered out their errant distractions. The nation missed the message. I wanted to use the enemy’s attack to talk to you about the children you are losing to real predators. But, you have been missing the point. You haven’t been listening to My Spirit…My still small voice.

The next mentioned terror wasn’t about Orlando, or homosexuality. No! The enemy is fierce and violent. That night should have broke your heart. It should have humbled you. But, instead of humility…PRIDE came. Florida, You missed your chance to be the martyred heart. America missed its chance to love…to grieve righteously. You could have touched me with that brokenness. I wanted to restore the joy of this nation. I wanted to pour out My Spirit. I wanted to unleash great revival in the land. But, you allowed the prince of the power of the air to highjack the message, and the moment.

Then, The school massacre quickly lost sympathies and became an argument, further dividing the nation and again missing the spiritual undertones. The deeper message wasn’t about guns, mental illness or even school safety. The enemy chose the date as a mockery. The enemy’s attack is also a prophecy, if you can interpret his fear. The enemy knows a revival is about to come to the youth. He knows that multiplied thousands are about to give their heart to Me. His attack was an effort to kick and resist against my plan. Sadly, My church has no voice on such grand-scale issues. The nation isn’t listening for the truth. There are preachers from Florida that have been granted access and influence but they are lions without roars. They are clouds with no water. They guard another’s heart more than mine.

I have wanted to use Florida as a thunder and a catalyst. But Florida is missing their moments. Too few, of my own people, are listening for my heart.

In contemporary history, I have used Florida as a diving board. I have moved in Tampa, Pensacola, Lakeland and more recently Orlando.

Still, there is resistance to humility. There is great sin hiding in the sands of Florida. There is stubbornness of heart. There are millionaires and billionaires…there are celebrities and politicians who are fortifying themselves with haughtiness and arrogance, but I will not be mocked.

I will not stop what is coming. You have not turned your whole hearts to Me. You have allowed the demon birds to eat away the seeds of precious timing. I will step back now. And I will wait for you.

I will watch. I will observe those who run away; those who try to distance themselves from the brightest Sonshine to ever search through the state. However, I will also notice those who come home with a burden; those who run to Florida like missionaries. And I will help those who kiss the Son.”


John 6:37 All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out.

One thought on “The Florida Wave

  1. It is more than just your heart for God that is in these words that you share Shane. The incidents that you mentioned here are not the only such incidents that have given the people an opportunity that was squandered… I read a Post recently which quoted a Psalm in which the list of occasions appropriate to “Shout” is enumerated. The list is longer than I might have expected. The types of occasions which are appropriate for a person open to the guiding of the Spirit to “Speak” may be more than one might be comfortable with.


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