Hide Those Words.

Hide those words. Take those prophetic words you’re given, and hide them.

It can be helpful to share these words with your Pastor, or mentor, to hear their thoughts, wisdom, and council.

Other than that, hide those words. Tuck them deep into your heart. The Psalmist of

Psalm 119:11 understood this principle. And, Paul encouraged the Colossians to preserve the word…WITHIN them.

If we don’t hide the word, and if we don’t “tuck it within” we run risks. These risks include:

1. we idolize the words and we keep hold of them like trophies

2. If they aren’t hid and tucked away like a treasure in the vault, we might casually share our pearls before swine ( Matt 7:6). Alas, others might lend doubt and mockery which can possibly dampen our own faith and understanding.

3. We can be tempted to show them…as validation for our own importance. Thus, they become traps that possibly ensnare us with pride.

4. Even if our motives for openly sharing them are pure,

A. others might be stricken with jealousy (like the brothers of Joseph). Or,

B. People might mistake our genuine excitement as flamboyance and ego. (Consider Rom 14:16 Therefore do not let what is for you a good thing be spoken of as evil;

5. Lastly, if not hidden in the guarded chamber of our inner sanctum —our heart— we risk losing the words to the demon birds (Matt 13:4) that will eat them up, stealing them from us. The enemy often attacks words that are given openly because he especially pays attention to prophecy and destiny. The devil isn’t afraid of who you are. He’s afraid of what you’re becoming.

One thought on “After someone gives you a word…

  1. Yes. If I share very often my understanding of who God wants me to be, the drive to do that seems to dissipate. If I tell many times the stories of experiences that were powerful and pivotal for myself, the stories seem to lose their power for me. This may be a different thing than what you are getting at in this post…. I’m not sure. What is truly powerful and from God, or from the Comforter… is really not fully comprehensible with “our thinking”…. that is something that I am slowly becoming accepting of. I do not know that I will ever be truly “comfortable” with. Does this make sense to you Shane ?


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