I’m familiar with a teaching on seven mountains that affect culture. Those mountains are:

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However, my spirit is effervescent regarding a higher mountain right now.

The idols on the worldly mountains promise this-and-that, but ultimately they are lesser mountains…only partially capable of keeping such promises.

Instead of absolutely trusting God, the people of God sometimes opt for a seemingly easier route. They share their affection, instead, with an earthen mountain.

Sometimes Christians go so far as to inadvertently, and ignorantly, make the idol that they will have confidence in. Sadly, in such cases, they are not giving themselves wholeheartedly to the one God. They are not meeting God on His mountain. They are casting their vote for a created one thinking that will make the saving difference.

This breaking of the law is not obvious to the masses of God’s people. Sometimes only a remnant, or only one will notice and be broken up over it.

Nevertheless, it only takes one true hedge, gap, intercessor, savior. Moses wasn’t perfect, but he was willing to stand before God (and Pharaoh) for the sake of God’s people. Elijah wasn’t perfect, but while he perceived himself to be all alone…he continued making a difference. Jesus was called “the Lamb” and He gave Himself as the one perfect sacrifice.

There was this one time when, instead of only trusting God, the people wanted a man…a king. A governmental mountain. So, God obliged and gave us a man [Saul].

As that governmental, idolized man sinned in self-exaltation, God was all-the-while raising up a boy that was after his own heart.

This one would have a passion for a different mountain. The mount of Zion would be His passion. Like Moses who went up the hill of the Lord, David was chosen to dance into Zion. And, in the process, he cast off the governmental robe.

Also, at the well, a woman asked Jesus which mountain should one be called to, and Jesus disregarded the earthly mountains that were listed as options. He pointed to the Spirit that knew how to direct man’s worship to the One and only one.

Again, so many years later, this world, its mountains, and government has lured the attention of the people of God.

Maybe, we’ve mistakenly acquired another Saul. Maybe we’ve somewhat deified a man and have worshipped at an earthly mountain.

Whatever the case and condition, God is even now raising up small ones that are consumed with the notion of a higher mountain. A secret mountain. A mountain of transfiguration and revelation. A mountain where God comes down. A mountain where man can ascend with clean hands and touch Heaven.

Revival will not come through the mountains of this world. Revival will come through the mountain of our Lord.

The pulpits and prayer closets must again become more important than court rooms and high-place-palaces.

Certainly, it is true that some are sent to the world and it’s mountains. We are sent as salt and light. Some will make a difference in different places and in different ways. And, intercessors will be given burdens that sometimes assign them in prayer to specific mountains and leaders. Prophets will also have assignments to speak to mountains and leaders.

Remember, even Nineveh listened for a season and received salvation. Don’t doubt the plan of God. It’s an opportunity for goodness, even beyond our efforts.

For now, we must allow ourselves to be sanctified and not be improperly aligned with fools-gold-callings.

The world wants our allegiance. They want us to stay happy in the Goshen they give us. But let not your eyes and hearts be dazzled by anything, anyone, or any place in this world. Zion is calling us to a higher place of praise.

Zion, is another mountain. A holy, superior mountain.

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