A lament of religious systems, egotistical trends, and the selling of connections and coverings.

Religion couldn’t get a handle on John Baptist, and he wasn’t even hospitable to their interests.

Likewise, religious order was appalled at the phenomenal maverick that Christ was. He started the original Apostolic network…and it worked.

Unfortunately, many of today’s apostolic networks are nothing more than generic denominations.

Many of these young ministry leaders, and emerging voices are often plagued with an unhealthy drive to be popular. They busy themselves building a brand, a following. And, they often cheapen their appeal by putting a price tag on nearly everything. Their conferences, apostolic networks, coaching, workshops, training, are readily available…for the right price.

This isn’t what Jesus was trying to establish. This is a perversion of true Apostolic grace.

Throughout history, revival fires have been dampened by organization.

I recently overheard the curator at Cane Ridge Meeting House telling a group about notable miraculous happenings during that revival. The tourists were giving God praise. But, the curator interrupted them and said “oh no, the greatest miracle was the formation of this denomination.”

He was wrong.

The scrambling to organize has nearly killed incredible revivals such as Cane Ridge, Azusa, Wales, and many more.

We’re not in need of more structures and organizations. Jesus is allowing such man-made temples to be torn down.

Many denominations began as revivals. We don’t need another whimsical network. And, we don’t need another denomination. But, we DO need another great revival.

I’m not altogether against organization. Even 1 Cor 14 ends with a plea for order.

I think the curator story draws the dividing line here.

I disagree with him wholeheartedly. I’m living my whole life to point out the opposite reality.

I concede there are benefits with wisdom, leadership, and Apostolic grace.

So, I’m excitedly watching. Jesus’ church is a beautiful thing, and we’re about to see it emerge from the ruins of failed religious structures. It’ll look more like family. It’ll even meet in homes and streets once again. It’ll be free of the charlatan money-changers. It’ll be led by the Holy-Ghost. It will be powerful.

One thought on “The Opposite Reality

  1. Yes !! And Amen. If I remember correctly, Jesus sent the Disciples out in pairs with no money and instructions to not accept any. There were instructions to share the good news and to baptize…. but instructions on how to build buildings to hold services in… I do not remember reading…. Even instructions on how to set up organizations for the church….. I do not remember much. There are some requirements mentioned concerning the standing of individuals…. perhaps you would elaborate Shane ? Looking forward to the developments that you outlined !!! Get Ready, Get Ready !!!


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