The younger generation has something that has been lost by so many others. They have feelings. And, they’re brave enough to alert us when someone or something has wrongfully trespassed their sensitivities…or what is obviously inhumane or criminal.

They’re not always right. They’re young, immature, and inexperienced. Still, quickly dismissing them would be a naive mistake. And worse yet, distancing ourselves from them would be callous and cruel. They’re our sons and daughters, for crying out loud.

Calling them snowflakes, millennials, or other such spitefully soaked propaganda tags will only pollute our prophetic destiny. The enemy has enacted a plan, a diabolical plan to highjack an end time revival.

It seems the generation now entering adulthood has been filled with an innate gift of discernment. When sanctified, their gift could be remarkably transformative for individuals and even for entire countries.

But, if we —the older, wiser ones—allow the deceiver to continue to pit us against them with growing distrust and disdain, then we’re going to mess up what should be a double portion outpouring.

We are on the brink of a mighty move that should unite the wisdom, gifts, experience, hearts and dreams of the fathers with the revelation, gifts, zeal, hearts and visions of the sons. The Old Testament closes with this prophecy (Mal. 4:6). Joel also foretold of this momentous day (Joel 2).

So, let’s not mess it up or miss it. Let’s see through the enemy’s schemes. Let’s overcome satan’s divisive devices with the love of God propelling us toward each other… and towards the promises of God.

For now, let’s listen to them. Let’s allow our eyes to be healed of dryness. Let’s allow God to soften our aged, stubborn hearts. Let’s allow ourselves to feel again. And to be offended.

Racism, sexism, extremism, perversion, violence, and hate of any type should offend us.

For them, let’s pray they are washed in the blood of the Lamb, sanctified, and curbed from going too far in any particular emotional tangents.

Let’s pray that we can begin to run and work together. I truly believe the promise of the former and the latter are now swelling over our heads.

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