The real prophets are now emerging. They’re coming to the forefront, the front, the platform, the microphone, and the stage. They’re coming to Carmel, and to the high places. Like Elijah and like John Baptist… they’re coming.

These are the not-for-profit prophets. These wild ones aren’t like those who are only playing the prophet with all the right, trendy catchphrases.

This sanctified brand of last days prophets don’t open their words by selling their products, or asking for support. Profit isn’t their aim. Ministry isn’t a business to them.

They don’t live for popularity. They know loneliness, and discouragement. They are sometimes misunderstood.

They are sometimes maligned. They are accused of being too much like John Baptist. But, the Lord says that’s a rightful label. However, Jesus loved John dearly and had nothing negative to say about him. Jesus also loves these firebrands that walk humbly with Him.

Their words get complaints for being too harsh, sharp.

God has baptized this new generation of prophets with His fire. They hate sin, lukewarmness, and lame religion.

A prophetic revival is upon us. Piercing words and unflinching faces will again make straight the way of the Lord.

This new breed will carry new wine with an impartation of the old wine. They will be a manifestation of the conjoined former and latter. There will be a fresh anointing on their words, ministry, and life. Yet, they will walk in a respect toward anointed voices of bygone years. Accordingly, that undead anointing they have honored will be activated in their own lives.

Watch. This is the hour. We are now witnesses to the emergence of God’s firebrands. The holiness preachers. The prophetic voices; instruments of revival.

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