One morning I walked into my office. As I crossed the room, approaching my desk, a shattering noise grabbed my attention. I quickly turned to see a collectible bottle of soda that had just fallen off my bookshelf and shattered onto the floor. Soda from 1974 was leaking out. The bottle commemorated Secretariat, the 1973 Kentucky Derby winner. I was born in 1973 and the collectible bottle was given to me as a gift. I was sad that it had broken. However, I felt it had a prophetic significance. So, I investigated the situation a little closer. I thought I had placed the bottle in a safe spot where it wouldn’t be easily knocked over. And, sure enough, my intrigue spiked when I noticed the culprit. I had a few books on that shelf and a couple of audio teaching series.  At the exact moment I was walking across the room, the books on that shelf lost their grip and started sliding. The end one was an audio teaching by Ray Hughes called The War Horse. That Warhorse had run across the shelf and it knocked off the Racehorse. The prophetic message I heard from that was: The racehorses here in horse-country Kentucky have been running well, but they’ve been running in circles and not really getting anywhere. Nevertheless, God is releasing the warhorses. God was ready to send help through a new and different way. The up-down, round and round cycles were about to be broken.

Since that time, I have had two different people give me an exactly matching collectible bottle to the one that was broken. Neither person knew the backstory. Each of these times, God has imparted a breaker anointing that releases folks from stuck cycles. These were interesting signposts that showed what God was about to do in a specific place.

I believe that God is more geographically minded than we realize. Places matter to God. So, begin to believe for regional breakthroughs. Allow your faith to call forth the mighty warhorses of God. No more running in circles. It’s time for change.

If you’re an intercessor, I believe God wants to take your faith and prayers to another level. I believe He wants to use you and your prayer connections to release and activate regional deliverance, salvation, and breakthroughs. So, arise and contend. Fresh oil is available for you.

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