Mike Ammons, a friend of mine, just dreamed this dream…twice. He shared it with me and I helped him with the interpretation. Here’s the dream:

[saw] a camp inside a wall. On the wall were 7 men. In the center of the wall was a flame. All seven men were crouched walking as they all began to alarm the camp inside the wall. A figure walks from the flame and an arrow is shot at a pathway that is aglow and also illuminates around the wall of the camp exposing where they are.

I heard a voice say this glow will expose and direct a move. The voice continued to say that the camp will walk in power and opposition will come but there is always counterfeit to the real.


The seven men on the wall represent the fulness of the church (Rev. 1:4, Rev 2-3).

The alarm signifies timing; a kairos “right now” moment is upon us.

Jesus is the center, the figure walking from the flame (Rev 2:1).

The men were walking. Jesus was walking, stepping forth. This speaks of a movement. Another great Jesus Movement is about to happen.

The arrow is fresh fire being released. Revival fire.

The path is:

This fire-shot of revival will illuminate, or bring us back to what we’re supposed to be walking in.

Thus says the LORD, “Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, Where the good way is, and walk in it; And you will find rest for your souls.

Jer 6:16

Guys! This is an exciting prophetic dream that beautifully corresponds with biblical imagery. This thing has already been initiated in the Spirit. The fuse has been lit. The hour of revival is upon us. Are you ready for this? The street lamps along the highway of holiness are turning on. No more wandering in the deserts of confusion or the valleys of complacency. This is the hour to arise, come forth, and march with sanctified purpose and passion. -Shane

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