Firebrands will face extra Hell and warfare because of their anointing and destiny.

Nevertheless, these warriors of revival are steadfast, focused, and they’re moving on with marching orders. They might stumble, but they won’t stay down. They’ve been baptized in the consuming fire of God’s presence.

They’re unlike the pew-warmers that fill many churches today. So, occasionally these freedom fighters need to be encouraged.

These firebrands need to know that it’s ok to be radical. So, if thats you…keep breathing fire. Keep your shout, your dance, and your song. Don’t let anyone rob you of your Holy Ghost joy.

Don’t turn down just to accommodate the backslidden and the lukewarm. We need you to burn.

There’s a time to be quiet and there’s a time to shout. This ain’t the time to hold back. This is the hour of awakening. This is the time for the radicals—the fiery ones—to emerge and roar.

God is sanctifying chosen ones for this hour. They will walk in deliverance, for they are the delivered ones.

They will be a new breed. They will be the final hour torches being lit by a last days Apostolic fury. They will run and not grow weary. They will chase out devils.

This group of hungry ones will be rich in prophetic and evangelistic oil. No generation has witnessed the powerful display of signs, wonders, and fruitfulness like this one is about to.

The developed countries such as the U.S., the U.K., and even Russia are about to be rocked by the glory of God. The bell is about to ring.

The firebrands that have often felt out of place, odd, unwanted, or misunderstood are about to see things begin to click. Their destiny, their moment, their remnant brothers and sisters are all about to be revealed.

Get ready. The firebrands are coming.

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