The Kentucky-Tennessee Revivals

In March of 2019, God began speaking to me about the fire and the spirit of revival that will link Tennessee and Kentucky together in a long-running season of awakening. Here are the words I have been hiding in my journal for the past year:

This move will extend from Fort Knox to Knoxville. Kentucky will have many friends of God, keepers of the secrets that will emerge with a red-hot timely anointing. Out of central Tennessee, apples of gold will be delivered by a new breed of Evangelists. Among those Evangelists, look for fiery, spirit-filled women who will walk with authority and compassion.

As a sign of this move, I see earthquakes happening near the TN/KY border.

From Nashville to Louisville there will be a redemption of place and the prophetic identities of cities and regions will be healed. Places that have suffered from tarnished reputations will experience a spiritual renewal and a reclamation of godly reputation.

From Chattanooga to Corbin there will be a kingdom train. I see an alignment of ministries and a combining and sharing between ministries in the states that will be a marvel to the rest of the nation.

From Morristown to Bardstown, a folk revival is coming. A fresh anointing is coming upon the singers and songwriters. I hear sounds of justice and deep, heartfelt pleadings of the soul that modern Christian music isn’t accustomed to. There will be songs that are prayers and songs that weep. This will be a gift and anointing from God.

From Morehead to Bulls Gap, the outcasts, oddballs, witches, occultists, heavy metal-heads, and such will be won. God’s going to love them into the kingdom.

Cumberland Gap is a womb. Watch what emerges from and into this tri-state region.

From Memphis to Paris, there’s a sound of longing. Greatness is waiting to find a new day.

From Elizabethtown to Maryville, this revival will raise up holy women who will carry the miraculous.

From Bristol to Pikeville, I see campfires. I see pockets of unique revivals.

From LaFollette to Owensboro, I see a bubbling up of old wells. There are some places that have experienced revival in past years that are about to experience it again. Yesteryear is about to high five today and brand new sparks are going to erupt. Plus, the river will rise and revivals will see things that the former ones never did.

From Lexington to Kingsport, people will come from other parts of the country and world just to experience the unusual and blessed outpouring that is happening in these revivals. And, many will want to hear the angels that come and sing along on the new songs of glory that will be captured in this move. Well known Ministers from faraway places will visit this revival.

Get ready! This thing has already been set into motion. The next trigger point could happen anytime now.

8 thoughts on “The Tennessee-Kentucky Revivals

  1. James and I have been attending a church in Lily,KY. It actually started in our Pastor’s home in Corbin. In the Past year we have joined a network in Chattanooga. This just solidified our connection when reading from Corbin to Chattanooga. God is on the move and setting a strong spiritual fire among the Church right now. I can’t wait to see what He has in store!

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  2. I’m a Pastor at a Sardis A/G church in Robertson county,Mt. Olivet, Ky. just curious who your connection is in Independence. I’m a part of a group of churches in Northern Ky. I also go to River of Life in Paris, Ky. They have been in revival services for the past two years!! I’m excited about what God is doing!! Do you know Revivalist Rick Curry? He has been in meetings across Ky the last two years. Preaching the fire of God!

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  3. Oh my goodness I believe this I receive this, I am in maryville I pastor a church that meets on Friday night and we have been in revival spirit for 5 years. I also am connected to a ministry out of Independence Kentucky I am a regional director for Empowering Women which connects Ky Tn God is ready to move… let His glory fall

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  4. Shane, I have believed for a long time.
    Recently God has been impressing me to pray for a resurgent of teaching on the Baptism in The Holy Spirit to give us power. And a reawakening of the gifts.
    This past Sunday night at a church in London 9 were filled with the Holy Spirit.
    Lord let it begin in me.

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