The last time the bars were closed down in Kentucky…God did it. It was the Second Great Awakening.

The original camp meetings and outpourings that occurred at Red River Meeting House and Cane Ridge Meeting House caused such a deep transformation in the cultural fabric of Kentucky that the morality of this society was converted.

One of the biggest evidences of this great work of redemption and revival was the mass deliverance from alcohol across the badlands of Kentucky.

Kentucky had developed a reputation of being rough, sinful, intoxicated, and quarrelsome. However, when the Spirit of God began to brood over the land, changes quickly transpired. People changed. Roughnecks, gamblers, and alcoholics were beautifully saved and set free from their previous lifestyles of sin.

For a couple hundred years, many, if not most, of Kentucky’s counties remained dry.

More recently, backsliding has been the new staple of Kentucky’s culture. More and more counties have been turning wet.

Kentucky’s new identity is Bourbon whiskey. Most of the world’s Bourbon is made in Kentucky—a fact the state is proud of, a fact that is embraced and heralded.

Unfortunately, the church has also been weak when tempted by this evil. More and more Christians are partaking of alcohol with no shame.

At the same time, Preachers are afraid to preach against sin.

Some Preachers are completely deceived by the apostasy of the age. Their eyes have been blinded. Their consciences have been seared. Their thinking has been gobbled up and rewired by demons of deception and doctrines of devils.

Drunken with deception and stuck in a backslidden state… Kentucky, with so many other folks from around the world, is now sick.

But, allow me to point out that there was first a sickness of mind, nerves, and emotions that spread quietly, creeping it’s way across the land. This soul- sickness left people vulnerable to the allure of drugs. Thus, the drug-riddled problems have been mounting with little resistance or solution.

Yet, the church didn’t effectively confront the stronghold of pharmakeia. Instead, the church allowed the government to try to wage war on drugs. But this war can’t be won by fighting in the flesh and blood realm.

As of now, too many generations have come and gone, lost in wandering. Children from every spectrum of humanity have been affected.

The pharmakeia devil has opened the door to many other demons, especially those that alter the minds, demons of deception.

With the influx of demons into the mind of society there has been a weakened immune system in regards to morality and justice.

Sadly, I say…Welcome to the backslidden era, where the alcohol is flowing and marijuana is becoming legal. Sin is ok because grace is the new god. All the while, the pulpit has become our generation’s biggest coward.

Fast forward and here we are again: the bars are closed. Interestingly, this time the church is also closed.

Folks are panicked and hiding as the corona champion stomps around and taunts its threats.

Obviously, we need a win. We need a Joshua. We need a David. We need a new day.

So, let fear go to Hell. Let the lies and curses be shut up. And, let the head that has been filled with a deceived mind, be cut off.

Something sinister has been trying to take our land. Nevertheless, I hear the Spirit saying a radical, sanctified, wildness is stirring. The little people are about to rise up.

A day of no more wandering, and no more cowering. A day of killing corona and taking back our land is now upon us.

Crazy anointings are about to burst forth. Remember when destined men roared with anointed slingshots, sticks, coats, handkerchiefs and aprons, even their shadows were packing power? I believe God is about to release such men and women again with original identities and unique anointings.

Furthermore, a new breed of remnant men and women of God are fixing to come on the scene. These wild but godly ones will be revival warriors. A fervency and fire of revival will flow out of them. And, they will exist with an edge, like weaponry that has been readied for this hour.

The eleventh hour anointing is coming. It will equip the church with the same wages (anointings) of previous hours. We will be lacking for nothing.

The great Shepherd is about to walk us out of this valley.

The day is hastening. History’s greatest revival will emerge as Corona exits.

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