I’ve always adored the idea of originality, and authenticity. By originality, I mean the thought, the message, or the art came from somewhere inside of you. Such treasure comes to us through inspiration, or pondering and meditating on the hunches, imaginations and ideological scents that we track down. Also, it comes through work…through editing, or chiseling away at raw chunks of deep feelings.

And, when I say authenticity, I mean a very similar thing. It’s so important that we find our voice, our sound, our style, our connection with our genealogical and geographical roots. Our wells run deeper than we probably realize. Unfortunately, however, music, ministry, philosophy, and art are all too prone to replication, and duplication.

John Prine, who recently died from the COVID-19, felt like his sound came from Kentucky. But, that bewildered even him. Prine grew up in Illinois. Nevertheless, his parents were from Kentucky and he spent many of his summers in Kentucky. Later in life, Prine recognized his voice was coming from that well; that geographical well, that ancestral well. His voice had roots.

I celebrate creativity. The brilliant nature of God shines through a person when they give themselves to their creative gifting.

Another cookie cutter—copycat—is probably not what we need. We need identity. Our churches need their own unique fingerprints. What’s the DNA of your sound? Your art is waiting to be discovered, to be valued, to be set free.

My daddy mined the mountains for coal and money. My Heavenly Father mined Calvary for destiny and victory. I…I mine my insides for the stories, the dreams, and the spirit.

There’s treasure inside of you. Take the time to find it. Value it. Dig for it. Chase after the sound, the gift, the voice, the thoughts, the God that waits within.

This treasure isn’t discovered by trying to be like whatever is popular, hip, trendy, or cool.

Find your voice. Find you. Embrace your art, your gift, your song, your roots…your well.

Matt 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how [a]can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men.

My sister recently had multiple dreams about salt mines. She asked me, “what could this mean?”

Well, consider that salt is mined from the earth. And, consider too that you are made from the earth. There’s salt (treasure, tastiness, value) within.

Mystics like Madame Guyon spent their time finding God within. The invaluable principles of this monastic lifestyle are quietness, stillness, and listening.

Mine your salt. Have alone time with God.

Find the treasure and give your life to it. Become it. Be it.

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