The Jim Bakker Show

Galatians 1:12 For I neither received it from man, nor was I taught it, but I received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ.

Prophetic people, Holy Spirit people, intercessors and the like, should be especially guarded and protective over their spiritual senses in these last days.

Many people have already allowed their spiritual filters to be tainted by over-abundant horizontal information.

Let me explain: prophets are especially peculiar because they know things that can only be revealed to them by Heaven. However, in an age of information overload, we are inundated with nonstop airwaves touting news, opinions, angles, scoops, and narratives driven by man-made media machines.

Alas, it has also become a trend in many ministry circles to be aligned with preferential political figures, views, and governmental allegiances.

Politics, conspiracies, and idolatry have skewed some people’s dream life, making them think their governmental dreams are from God when many of these are just subconscious effects of already existing opinions established from worldly inclinations.

Consequently, when spiritual voices are being too heavily influenced by the systems of this world, their filters can become clogged up by their own soul, soul ties, and subconsciousness.

A person’s soul is their mind, will, and emotion. Soul-ish impressions are not easy to differentiate from spiritual revelations.

Too many contemporary Christians are being moved by their mind, their logic, their intellect…or, by what the Word calls a way that seems right.

Proverbs 16:25There is a way which seems right to a man,But its end is the way of death

Furthermore, many good, moral people are being duped by emotional trickery. This is the undercurrent of the Antichrist that is already at work. No other force in history has had the subtle and subliminal powers to deceive like the antichrist will have.

The antichrist is probably alive today.

It takes great maturity to understand ones own vulnerabilities. True prophetic insight is a narrow way. Accordingly, it seems that few are finding this path.

Another problem I aforementioned is soul-ties. This is a real tactic of strong demonic forces to ensnare godly influencers.

These soul ties are formed in spiritual people by relationships/friendships, positions/boards, money, gifts, flattery, and special invites to events, gatherings or conference calls.

Prophets are NOT called to any mountain of this world. They are:

to be sanctified unto the Lord, to knowing Him, and going from Him and His mountain…to whomever/wherever He sends them.

Many different prophetic figures in Scripture had influence with governmental leaders. Moses, Isaiah, Elijah, Daniel, and Samuel are some of these. Still, you will find that their strongest allegiance had to be to God. And, sometimes God ordered them to give hard words, rebukes, and warnings or judgements on the governmental leader.

Do we have a prophet today that could/would do that?

Therefore, spiritual people should be careful to not cater to sides, parties, or any earthly affiliations that might unknowingly lend to subconscious impressions, that in-turn affect their dream life and other revelatory pipelines.

Prophets, apostles, intercessors, and spiritual people must be consecrated, sanctified (set apart), wholly devoted to God alone.

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