In mid 2018, I felt impressed to play a Johnny Cash song.

I really—No kidding—felt impressed of the Lord, to play a song. That nudge and feeling stayed on me and rarely lifted; I probably played the song in my house more than a thousand times by the end of 2019. I felt it was a prophetic act for me to play this song. I felt it was releasing a prophetic decree and sound.

The song is a traditional folk song, first recorded in 1946 by a black quartet.

The Golden Gate Quartet

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

Over and over.

God’s Gonna Cut You Down.

Early on, I didn’t know what this meant. I was just being obedient. I was probably annoying my wife, but I kept on playing that song.

Eventually, God began highlighting idols in the land, and worse…idols in the church.

I saw politics. I saw pride. I heard…

God’s Gonna Cut You Down.

God began to open my eyes.

I saw Christians, and preachers elevate Fox News to golden calf status.

I saw the majority of American Christians pledge allegiance to the Republican Party. But, I saw writing on the wall at this party

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

Next, I saw Donald Trump. And I saw [many of] the elect of God devote themselves to the most prideful man in the land.

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

Later, “as God began crushing my heart with a burden over the injustice still being suffered by my black brothers and sisters, I saw God begin to work.

I looked at the cities across America. I saw Jesus walk.

On Pentecost Sunday, I didn’t understand it, but I saw fire.

Then, I started hearing it again.

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

I saw idols falling.

I saw statues of intimidation coming down, statues of slave owners started crashing down.

I saw the white man’s history catching up with him.

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

I prophesy: The racism of Fox News will be exposed.

Meanwhile, Trump’s political world has been shook. The finances of the country have teetered. Unemployment has spiked. Sickness has blanketed the land. Can you hear what I hear?

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

At the same time, the church was closed. For months, meetings were forbidden. Finances also suffered in many churches.

Surely God hasn’t been purging the religious elite. Or, has He?

There are so many lying prophets in the land; they—themselves—have been deceived. Their ego has been fattened, but the Lord says their fame will be flattened.

The preachers that were elevated and swayed by flattery will flitter away and lick the wounds of their bruised money bags.

But, the Christians that have been mesmerized and hypnotized by false grace preaching, powerless meetings, and political devices are going to be jarred into an awakening

Repentance will be found.

Prayer will be found.

Simplicity will be found.

Nevertheless, God isn’t finished yet. I see you Shaun King. I year God swinging through you. I hear the chop chop. Can y’all hear it?

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

Yes! Even Jesus is coming down.

No. Not the real Jesus. The fake one. The false Jesus. The racist Jesus. The white Jesus. The god that we made in our own likeness.

Tear down that art, that statue, that image. Tear it all down.

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

I hear you, Chace Adkins: “With all do respect, most scholars both in Christianity and secular have stated that Jesus did not look like what artists during the times have portrayed him as. The white washing of Jesus has been a topic of conversation for a long time. Shaun king is just stating that we should not be portraying a middle Eastern Jewish man to be a white man for the convenience of comforting people.”

And, Monday night, Shaun King said, “Hilarious. If you Google “Jesus” right now it’s me that comes up first. They are triggered. Again, if your faith requires Jesus to be a blonde haired blue eyed British man, then your faith is not Christianity, it’s whiteness. You are worshipping whiteness.”

For over one year now, I’ve been prophesying the words of Jesus from John 2:19 “destroy this temple, in three days I will raise it up again.”

When I saw Notre Dame burning (April 2019), I heard these words from John 2. God spoke to me that the burning of Notre Dame was a harbinger, a prophetic foretelling of what needed to happen to the dead, dry, lifeless, man-made structure that we’ve called church.

However, after Jesus’s body was destroyed…He was raised again.

So, yeah. Even Jesus is coming down. Shaun King has unknowingly lit a prophetic bomb. The false Jesus needs to come down. Destroy this temple!

Revival happens next.

I’m not promoting or condoning violence with this blog post. Instead, I’m highlighting the fact that God is moving in mysterious ways. And, the real Jesus can take what the devil meant for evil and turn it.

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