My responses to a widely circulated Kynan Bridges/Sid Roth Video

YouTube image

First of all, Bridges says he posted his dream on social media several times but it kept getting censored.

Ok. I doubt that. Maybe it happened. I’m just saying I doubt it. Maybe he needs to season his words better, but I’m not sure I believe he’s had repeated censorship and removal of the same post. After all, the dream isn’t controversial or alarming. It’s a respectful, calm, ethereal, and patriotic dream.

I see people everyday who say they aren’t allowed to post the pledge of allegiance or the Lord’s Prayer. I usually roll my eyes when I see someone say they’re probably headed to Facebook jail.

I know there are consequences to misbehaving, but most people are just being overly dramatic when they complain about such censorship.

I know there are some censoring abilities with respectable platforms, but most people who cry about censorship or the looming fear of censorship are not logical, educated people.

After sharing the dream, Bridges believes God spoke to him that if he’d honor Trump that God would honor him. I’ve got all sorts of problems with this notion. Am I being too harsh here? Sid Roth even prompts Bridges to suggest that all believers must honor Trump to receive honor from the Lord. And, of course, Bridges agrees with this. So, should we kiss his ring? Should we start bowing to Trump? Should we be marked with a campaign trucker hat?

Bridges eventually moves on and begins to speak about a cabal. Certainly he was about to venture off into some wild conspiracy theory when Roth interrupted him to randomly theorize that Trump was great for African Americans despite the skewed message relayed by mainstream media. Roth continued his string of praises toward Trump and even stated, “I think he [Trump] is the greatest thing that’s ever happened.”

After that moment of Trump adoration, Roth again interrupted Bridges and asked him to point out things that are wrong with Black Lives Matter. Until that moment, Bridges was trying to highlight the good things that were coming from the black lives matter momentum. However, Roth pushed him to cite the negatives. Possibly unprepared, Bridges wrongly suggests the official website of BLM endorses and supports

Marxism. In actuality, Marxism isn’t mentioned on the BLM site.

Bridges also exaggerates and expands on his own preconceived ideas here by saying the site declares their purpose is to tear down and eliminate families.

When, in fact, BLM is not against family…especially black families and black fathers.

Overall, I believe Bridges had a revelatory dream. I don’t have a problem with the dream. Nevertheless, the interpretation may be off.

Consider: Trump was not in the Oval Office. Read that again.

Consider: Did Bridges go through two security checkpoints, or…did the dreamer go into the 2nd heaven?

Consider: Trump was 8-10 feet tall. Self-inflated? High and lifted up? High and mighty?

Consider: God is interested in bridges. I’m not against Bridges. I dream of bridges. I’m trying to say this dreamers name has some overall bearing on the dream.

Consider: the dreamer ordered and desired the Word of God. Did he get that? No. He was shown a book that Trump put his own name on. This is troubling. Alarming. Not good.

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