The Revival of Mike Tyson is prophetic

Watch what is about to happen.

  1. He lost the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship Belt.
  2. He lost his marriage
  3. He lost his freedom and went to jail.
  4. He lost sympathy and respect

Now, as an older man…he’s back!

He’s working out. Hes going to fight again.

And, today I heard God say “the revival of Mike Tyson is prophetic.”

So, I have plugged into the Spirit and I’ve given attention to the voice of God on this matter.

In the Spirit, a prophetic bell will ring. Its a new day. Its a day to get back up. Its a day for the fallen to rise again. An Ezekiel 37 wind will shoot across the land. Seemingly down, dead, and forgotten soldiers are about to be quickened.

Over and over, in the Spirit, these anointed words will howl out to those who will hear:








Tyson lost to Buster Douglas early in 1990. Accordingly, we are about to see a resurgence, or comeback, of celebrities that fell on hardship and struggle during the 90’s. There’s unfinished business, unfulfilled destinies, and unplugged voices that God is going to rain down on. New life is coming.

Furthermore, as this mighty warrior anointing makes a comeback. Look for the black man to rise again.

Look for hope to rise.

Are you ready for a restoration movement? The force of a bulldozer is coming. Our God is mighty. Nothing can stop Him.

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