I spoke with Dr. Anthony Fauci in a dream.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

He told me “people are going to have to take the red pill. That’s my recommendation. That’s what I have to offer. Take the red pill.”

After a couple days considering the dream and praying over it, I got reminded of the movie THE MATRIX. In that movie, there is a scene where the lead character is offered a choice:

The Matrix

1. Take this blue pill and you will awake to whatever reality you want to believe.

2. Take this red pill and…I’m offering the truth.

Obviously, the inference here is that a blue pill will keep you in a condition where ignorance is bliss, so…staying plugged into the blindness of the matrix is an option. Or, you can take the red pill. You can choose to see. You can choose to face the daunting battle.


There has never been such a deluge of deception in the earth. Opposing views, strong opinions, articles, videos, and conflicting personalities with differing voices are presented to us on a daily basis.

Political allegiances divide us. Viewpoints concerning Coronavirus divides us. The safety protocols for the pandemic divides us.

Hydroxychloroquine opinions divide us. Conspiracy theories divide us. Every day there’s something new that divides us.

In an hour when every sign pertaining to the end-times is playing out before our very eyes, one of the clearest, most repeated signs mentioned in Scripture was deception. Alas, the Gospel holds quite a few warnings about false Christ’s, false teachers, false sheep, false apostles, and false prophets that would be part of the last days. Nonetheless, we are emphatically beckoned to not be deceived.

Yet, here we are—in the matrix. The end times monster. The machine that battles for our opinions, and our affections.

I’d like to suggest that truth will most likely stand right in front of you. It will be simple.


Therefore, beware of tricks of deception that attempt to lure with entertaining, suspicious, preposterous imaginations. Huge, bizarre stories will bait some folks in with this mind candy, this deception of the soul.

The two doctors who were debunked

Demons are working nonstop, creating and expanding their deceptive conspiracies. Everything that pulls someone away from a simple truth, is a lie. Satan is the father of lies. This is his hour. This is an hour of lies and great deception.

Wild conspiracy theory

I implore you to remember the blue pill is what you WANT to believe. It’s like having itching ears that need to be tickled.

Dangerous misinformation

Don’t be afraid to see the truth. Truth hurts. Truth gets beat up. Truth bleeds. But, truth marches on.

You access truth through a narrow gate. This means you might not have a lot of company, even though you’re in truth. The path may be tough and unpopular, but it leads to truth. Take that pill. Enter that gate. Walk that path.

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