I have been involved in prophetic ministry for 30 years but I’m going to be honest…I didn’t see 2020 coming and I don’t know anyone who fully did.

I saw snippets, especially early on. I knew one thing for sure: God was going to give Trump an opportunity to repent of his pride.

I have sadly observed a continuation of heart- hardness from a man who has probably been surrounded by more prayer than any human in history. I’m no one’s judge and salvation is somewhat personal. Regardless, there has been no open repentance. There has been zero display of humility. America has been rattled, and I have believed that God is in a grace-filled chess match for the heart of Trump. Meanwhile, America has become a reflection of Trump’s soul. God keeps knocking, but it seems that Trump keeps hardening.

Ministers praying for the President

In observation, the church has primarily become a three-pronged institution.

  1. Intercessor. The church has made an attempt to answer the commission of being a house of prayer. Apostles of prayer have raised up Houses of Prayer, and mobilized, organized prayer initiatives and events. Intercessors and prayer warriors have certainly been utilized by the Holy Spirit.
  2. Idolatry. Sadly, many have been deceived, tricked, and confused concerning allegiances and alliances. Conspiracy theories have run amuck and Nationalism has been unofficially adopted as normal for ultra conservatives and many Christians. Some Christians act as if Republicanism is synonymous with Christianity. Unfortunately, many have misinterpreted the call to be intercessors for Trump and became cheerleaders and defenders instead.
  3. Prophetic. There is a remnant that has embraced a prophetic mantle and voice. These have picked up their cross, denied self and stardom, preached holiness, warned of deception, and called out the sins of the church.

As an addendum, I believe most years of ministry for me have been stamped with one message/revelation that weighs heavier than all others. It’s usually a message I can’t shake and one that becomes a burden and assignment…something God directs me to keep speaking on. This year that assignment has come from a series of dreams that I had in the first 10 weeks of the year. I dreamt of black shoes, Bob Marley, and marrying my heart to my black sisters and brothers. God called me to walk with my family—the ones that were beautified with extra melanin. He told me to stand with them.

So, as I did everything I knew to do to answer this call, God allowed my heart to consistently feel weighted.

Furthermore, He has opened my eyes to a chosen generation that has filled a prayer bowl in Heaven with the synergy of tears that have been mixed together from many, many years.

Accordingly, God has given me a yearning for justice, a strong distaste for racism, and an awareness that the white church in America has failed and come down on the wrong side of civil liberty, love, and compassion for over 200 years.

God is now saying “ENOUGH!”

It’s not accident that statues have been coming down. Chop chop. a civilization and culture of hate is not on the same side as the heart of God. I’m not endorsing riots, looting, or violence. Nevertheless, in the midst of it all…God is working.

Guess what? The reckless love of God believes that black lives matter.

I appreciate you being on the journey with me, or for just reading this article This has been a summation of the words I’m seeing, hearing, and feeling. This is not prophetic foretelling. This is prophetic forth-telling. This, I submit to you, is what I am convinced is the word of the Lord. These are the words that I have been given a burden and voice for.

Also, Please note that I have a long track record of walking in relationship and submission. Likewise, I have always been a supporter of the local church.

The Scriptural groundwork for everything above comes from 2020’s prophetic journey (mine). Everything prophetic that I am trusted with is firstly and mostly judged by the Word of God. So, the brief list of texts comes from: 1. the Exodus story. 2. 1Cor 13. 3. Matthew 5-7. 4. Micah 6:8. 5. The life/message of John Baptist

My words and opinions are written or spoken by me. I don’t have someone to sign off on every post, video, or sermon that I share. However…

A. I subscribe to prophetic dialogue, discussions, and friendships. I occasionally ask peers or spiritual leaders to consult and consider what I think I’m receiving from the Lord.

B. I attend Growth Point Church in Lexington, Kentucky. Pastor Mario Radford

C. I have previously screened heavier prophetic words through Ray Hughes, and Kirk Bennett. I’m thankful to have connection and relationship with these ministries.

D. Other men and ministries I relate with and benefit from include Rob Hughes, Rick Fowler, Eric Gilbert, Billy Silverman, Ed Noonchester, Robbie Delph, Josh Allen, Jessie Acosta, Josh Tyree, A.T. Robinson, and Joy Jenkins

Prophetic Insights 2020

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