Allow me to spin a prophetic tale.

* The white church. *The Pentecostal Church *The Spirit-filled Church *The Charismatic Church *The American Church

…has been a type of Cinderella. She has went to the [Republican] Party. She was given an invitation to visit the highest house in the land. This adventure was meant to be a visit. It always had a time-clock, a tick tock countdown. A curfew was always looming.


The magical moment wasn’t meant to last, not now, not on these false terms

The church is betrothed—engaged—and must only marry for love. The church must only marry in humble truth. And, the Church must remember…

A higher love awaits her devotion.

So, the most recent goings-on have been short-lived, contrived of a false portrayal. Therefore…

Hurry! The clock is about to gong. Rush! Get out of this make-believe hypocrisy, this playing of a part. Get out of this worldly party.

Run back to humility. Go back to truth.

The hand of God is coming to the ungodly party that has been going on at the highest house of the land. The writing finger from Daniel 5 is coming swiftly to address that wall. The proud-man king hasn’t softened his heart. So, he will no longer benefit from the church’s wine glasses. And the false prophets he has surrounded himself with will not have a word, nor any understanding to help him.

A spiritual sickness is about to firmly grip the heart of this unwholesome leader.

His time there is up.

As for the church, your prince is coming…to find the real you.

So, clean up your act. Get right. Believe in love. God is love. Your story isn’t over.

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