On Friday night, only a few hours from midnight, when the date became 12/12, and a prophetic time stamp was 12:00 12/12. It seems Trumps’ last hope of reversing the apparent election results were over. News broke that The Supreme Court rejected the Texas lawsuit, the one that Trump had called “the big one.”

I grew up Pentecostal. I know first-hand that Pentecostals, Charismatics, and all those who are Spirit-filled believers often feel like many people in this world—even the religious world—view us as the orphan stepchild.
We sometimes feel treated like the folks from the wrong side of the tracks. We sometimes feel looked down on and made fun of. We’re accused of being crazy, emotional, sensational, radical, tongue-talking holy rollers, and snake-handlers.

So, when a President came into office with the consult of a charismatic woman, it mattered. When spirit-filled pastors and worship leaders were regularly invited to pray at the White House, it mattered. It became more than just the religious right supporting a pro-life Republican. This President unintentionally enlisted the fiery passion and emotion of Charismatics and Pentecostals…something that had never happened before.

The euphoria of this season felt magical, or God-ordained and anointed. The orphan stepchildren stigma was lifting. We became Cinderella.

So, in thankfulness, we brought gifts. We brought prophecies to amplify the moment. We prayed prayers, sang songs, wrote books, made videos, and declared decrees to express appreciation for God’s chosen leader.

Never mind the fact he has been divorced several times. Forget the fact nearly 30 different women have accused him of rape or sexual assault. All of his bankruptcies don’t matter. His bad, abrasive, arrogant, insulting attitude doesn’t matter. His course language doesn’t matter. His rising number of legal problems doesn’t matter. He has paid off multiple accusers, but that doesn’t matter. He even paid big money to a porn star to keep quiet about their fling, but that doesn’t matter. Tens and Tens of thousands of people feel his actions and words are racist, but they’re definitely wrong…so that doesn’t matter. Being overly friendly (or fearful) of Russia doesn’t matter. The risk of impeachment doesn’t matter because we have prophecies saying he won’t be impeached. Then, he was impeached, but that doesn’t matter because those Demoncrats are evil. And, It’s ok, we have new prophecies saying he’ll win by a landslide. Wait. Ok, so he lost by over 7 million votes. We were wrong, bad wrong.

What time is it?

The magic of the Cinderella story was temporary. She was able to go to the Capitol. She felt special. But, she had to come back to reality by midnight. She had to return to the truth, to humility.

Hurry now. Your prince will be looking for the real you.

The altar

Don’t be angry. If the shoe fits…

Let go of that man. You’re engaged to Jesus. And Jesus loves you still.

Come running to the Mercy Seat

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